Classroom Tech

Gies Business classrooms are among the best on campus. Standard technology in each room includes high resolution projection, resident PC, document camera, laptop connections, front- and rear-facing cameras, confidence monitors, and ceiling-mounted microphones. All classrooms are Zoom-ready. You can view the technology for specific classrooms in the Gies Knowledge Base.

Our classrooms are designed to be self-service. You'll need proximity card (iCard) access to open the presenter podium and activate the room technology.

If you need assistance in a Gies classroom, you can contact or call 217-333-6568 during normal business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you let me in the podium?

IT Partners staff will not open a podium for someone needing access unless we know you are Gies faculty or staff. If a unit reserves a classroom for an outside or student group, it should arrange for someone from the unit to open the podium ahead of the event.


How do I get access to the classroom podiums on my iCard?

First, you'll need a proximity iCard card. Second, you need to be granted access. Both of these can be requested by your unit office through Gies facilities

Classroom Technology Team