Lecture Capture

IT Partners offers lecture capture in all BIF and selected Wohlers Hall classrooms. Lecture capture will include a video recording of the front part of your classroom and any visuals provided through the classroom's resident PC. Scheduled recordings automatically start and are uploaded to Illinois Media Space upon completion. The instructor will receive a link to the recording via email.

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Lecture Capture FAQs
Are classes recorded automatically?

IT Partners will automatically record all in-person classes held in Gies-managed classrooms (all BIF classrooms and Wohlers Hall 152, 240, 241, and 243). These recordings will automatically be uploaded to the primary instructor’s Illinois Media Space account, where the instructor can then decide whether to provide the recording to the students in the class. Illinois Media Space channels will be automatically created with the appropriate student access for each class/section. The primary instructor for each course/section will receive an email with specific instructions for using their recordings and channels.

Do I need my students' permission to do lecture capture?

Due to camera angles focused on the instructor, most students will not appear in the recording, although their voices will be captured by the ceiling mics. You should notify your students that lectures are being recorded.

We have also installed recording signs in some BIF classrooms that illuminate when recording has started.

I scheduled lecture capture, but have now cancelled a class. What do I do?

Please notify us at helpdesk@business.illinois.edu if you cancel any classes or events where lecture capture is scheduled. We would like to avoid recording empty classrooms that could be used by students who aren't aware of the scheduled recording.

Can lecture capture be used for academic integrity purposes?

Classroom recordings should not be used for assessing academic integrity issues. The recordings are intended for academic reinforcement for students and are a poor tool for assessing academic integrity as the cameras are purposely not focused directly on students in the classroom.

Does lecture capture affect attendance?

We are aware of the valid concerns that some faculty have about negative attendance effects when recordings are provided. It is up to the individual instructor to decide whether to provide the recordings to their class. If you make classroom recordings available to your students, consider the following recommendations and best practices to encourage in-person attendance.

  • Reflect on your lesson plans and learning objectives, and ensure that the in-person components of your course directly contribute to your students’ success.
  • Use simple active learning strategies such as Think-Pair-Share or group work to promote engagement in class.
  • Add the in-class activities to your course schedule and remind students about those activities via regular LMS announcements or email.
  • Survey students about their interests related to your course and use their responses in examples or classroom discussions.
  • Set clear but compassionate policies for in-person and remote attendance. For instance,
    • allow students who missed class or who could never attend class for a variety of reasons (including the challenge of navigating time zones) to make up class meetings by watching the recording and writing a short reaction paper.
  • Even though the availability of classroom recordings has been shown to reduce attendance, they can be a valuable part of student learning.
    • Students can review the recording at a fast or slower pace to study for exams or to refresh their memory of something that they learned in class.
    • It also helps students who have difficulty with note-taking or understanding the teacher either due to language or accent or any other reason.
    • Communicate to your students that the recordings will be available for these reasons.
How do I request lecture capture?

To request a one-time lecture capture, please complete our Gies Lecture Capture request form. You will receive confirmation that lecture capture has been scheduled.