Lecture Capture

IT Partners (in collaboration with Gies eLearning) offers lecture capture in all BIF and selected Wohlers Hall classrooms. Lecture capture will include a video recording of the front part of your classroom and any visuals provided through the classroom's resident PC. Scheduled recordings automatically start and are uploaded to Illinois Media Space upon completion. The instructor will receive a link to the recording via email.

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Lecture Capture FAQs
How do I request lecture capture?

To request a one-time lecture capture, please complete our Gies Lecture Capture request form. You will receive confirmation that lecture capture has been scheduled.

What if I want my entire semester of classes lecture captured?

We can set up a recurring lecture capture schedule as well as a private channel for your students to view the videos. Please complete the Gies Lecture Capture request form. We will work with you to finalize the details.

Do I need my students' permission to do lecture capture?

Due to camera angles focused on the instructor, most students will not appear in the recording, although their voices will be captured by the ceiling mics. You should notify your students that lectures are being recorded.

We have also installed recording signs in some BIF classrooms that illuminate when recording has started.

I scheduled lecture capture, but have now cancelled a class. What do I do?
Please notify us at helpdesk@business.illinois.edu if you cancel any classes or events where lecture capture is scheduled. We would like to avoid recording empty classrooms that could be used by students who aren't aware of the scheduled recording.