Project Brief

The appropriate MarCom team lead will work with your unit to create a marketing plan each year, ensuring we are strategic and intentional with marketing efforts. It also allows us to plan ahead for upcoming needs so we can allocate the appropriate amount of time and resources necessary to complete marketing and communications items within a timely manner.

The project brief is a form that provides the necessary information MarCom needs to move your marketing and communications requests forward. A project brief is required for all marketing requests, whether part of your marketing plan or an unexpected need that comes about. It will be submitted electronically and will be designated to the appropriate MarCom team lead to oversee the project. The MarCom team lead will work with you along the way to ensure your marketing plans are implemented as intended and in line with the Gies brand.

Please note: We are not equipped to work with students, so please do not ask student workers to contact MarCom with requests or designs.

Time requirements

Projects must be allowed sufficient lead time for quality development and production. While we will certainly do our best—based on resources and capacity—to meet your request, we require a minimum of three weeks of lead time (in addition to production and shipping time – typically two weeks). Keep in mind that reviewing and correcting proofs can add to the timeline.

The marketing plan that you create with the MarCom team lead will help to ensure enough time is allocated to complete your requests on time.

CFOP account number

Your program or department is responsible for providing a CFOP for any outside purchases required for the project. This includes but is not limited to printing costs, production fees outside of MarCom, merchandise, and apparel.

Copy and photos

Make sure any supporting information you wish to have included in your project (copy, photos, etc.) is attached to the project brief. All copy should be in Word as simple text; do not use text boxes. Photos should be high resolution. Please do not create a design, as MarCom will create professional designs for you. Before we can begin design and production, we must have all of the components to be included.

Please note: Photos are only needed if there is a very specific photo you wish to include. In most cases, MarCom will provide all photos.


Once your project is complete, a proof will be sent to the designated contact for each unit/program. It will be this person’s responsibility to collect all approvals and return the proof with or without changes back to MarCom. If there are extensive changes or corrections, a second proof will be generated. We will not print anything until you have given us your approval.

Please Note: When requesting projects, please plan for this step in determining a reasonable completion date. We cannot “make up” time by asking for “rush” jobs with our suppliers.

Pick up/delivery

Once the materials have been completed (printed) we will get in touch with the designated contact so that a representative from your unit or program can pick up the items.


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