What is a wordmark?

It’s another word for an organization’s logo. It is one of the most visible and valuable assets we have. The campus determines our logo, which is now the Block I with specific spacing, alignment, colors, and fonts.

How does this differ from a brand?

A brand is the essence of the organization, the sum of the experiences, impressions, knowledge, and emotion a person has about the organization. Gies College of Business is our brand. Business on Purpose is our brand promise.

How does my office fit into the brand?

The departments/degree programs and other offices, centers, and units are sub-brands within the Gies brand architecture.

Why is the wordmark important?

The wordmark helps people differentiate Gies College of Business both on and off campus. For the wordmark to be effective as a valued asset, it must be used consistently. That means that all Gies College of Business faculty and staff must abide by the new rules established for the logo’s use.

What is a lockup?

It is the final form of the logo that includes all elements locked in their relative positions. There is only one College logo lockup, which must be used by all units.

What is not included in the lockup?

The names of all sub-brands of the College. These names must use the Gotham medium (upper/lower case) typeface that matches the fonts in the College wordmark, but are not part of the lockup.

If we use the approved guidelines, can we create the designs ourselves as we’ve done in the past?

No. To ensure correct implementation, any use of the logo on any communication, internal or external, or in any office, hallway, classroom, etc., must be approved by MarCom.

What does the logo need to appear on?

Everything – banners, flyers, posters, nametags, tablecloths, newsletters, web pages, clothing, lapel pins, promotional materials, etc.

Can we just use the Block I?

No. The appropriate font of the Gies College of Business wordmark must accompany it. The Gies College of Business wordmark must be prominent on any item.

Is the Block I trademarked?

Yes, which means the TM must be included on all promotional products or wearable items, and permissions are required to use it.

How do we get permission to use the wordmark for promotional products or wearables?

MarCom will do that for you. When you reach out to let us know what you need (through the project brief), we will create an approved design and send you layouts and placement information.

Are any templates available to help us with some of these items?

Approved templates for business cards, email signatures, PowerPoints, etc. are available in a Box folder.

Before we ask MarCom for a design for external materials, what do we need to know?

Please submit a project brief to us electronically, and designate a staff member as a point of contact (not a student, student worker, or intern). If you have copy or photos you want to use, attach them to your brief as a Word document only.

What about for internal materials?

If you have internal documents (for staff/faculty only) that you wish for us to review and/or edit, please submit them along with the date needed. Allow three to five working days for turnaround, depending on the length and complexity of the document.