Branding Policies & Guidelines

The purpose of our brand guidelines is simple: to tell the world how Gies College of Business would like to be perceived. As a new brand, having a consistent look, feel, and set of messages is essential to creating a consistent brand experience and reinforcing our mission of purpose.

These guidelines also keep us aligned with the campus branding guidelines, and they are what we will follow as we evaluate submitted project briefs. These may evolve. MarCom will help to ensure that you are aligned with current protocols and expectations.

Wordmark usage

The Gies wordmark should appear on everything—banners, flyers, posters, nametags, tablecloths, newsletters, web pages, clothing, lapel pins, promotional materials, etc. To ensure correct implementation, any use of the wordmark must be approved by MarCom.

Approved templates for business cards, email signatures, PowerPoints, etc., are available in a Box folder. Please do not copy the logo from the letterhead template or the website.

External printed materials

To ensure consistency, MarCom must create any materials that promote Gies College of Business programs, degrees, units, centers, or events. Do not create any materials that will be used outside of your department or distributed to anyone who is not a Gies College of Business employee.

Note that the College requires all external materials to be reviewed and approved by MarCom in order to ensure compliance with our brand messages and visual identity.

Internal materials

If you have internal documents (for staff/faculty use only) that you wish for us to review or edit, we will be happy to do so. Please submit them along with the date needed. Allow three to five working days for turnaround, depending on the length and complexity of the document. Remember, students are NOT an internal audience. Materials distributed to students must be created by MarCom.


Use of the Block I and the Gies College of Business wordmark requires approval through the College’s MarCom office and may additionally require approval from the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. Note that items may not use the Block I without the College name. All items must have the College wordmark on them. Unit names will not appear on promotional or wearable items. See merchandise policies for more information.

MarCom will obtain all necessary approvals, and we will work with approved vendors on promotional/wearable projects. Any items that are given away (to staff or as a promotion) or sold to staff at cost do not incur royalty fees. Any item that is sold above the cost of the production (even as a fundraiser) will incur royalty costs. Note that these guidelines include RSOs, alumni associations, and other affiliated groups.


It is the responsibility of all College units and departments to identify a web liaison to continuously work with their MarCom team lead to maintain web content standards. This includes anything regarding the site structure, code, design, and copy. Our strategic priorities—based on adherence to brand standards, site performance, and user research—will be considered before content is added or changed on the website.


If you would like MarCom to assist with photos, please consult your MarCom team lead well in advance of the event. Your MarCom team lead will help you determine if photos are needed and will help you plan accordingly. Everyone prefers “action” photos, student life, faculty/staff interaction, etc.—a picture of a meal, meeting, or spoken presentation unfortunately does not make for compelling content. We can help you stage the photo, but your unit will be responsible for covering the cost, providing the appropriate setting, recruiting faculty/staff/student participation, and obtaining photography releases from each participant.


If you have any questions, please contact