Space Use Policies

Below is a list of policies that units in the Gies College of Business must abide by in order to use space in BIF and Wohlers Hall. 

  • Events may be scheduled in the facilities; however, classes may not be interrupted or moved to accommodate an event . Anything scheduled in BIF or Wohlers cannot be disruptive, whether by noise, smells, or anything that a faculty member feels is disruptive to class.
  • Academic activities such as classes, exams, review sessions, class speakers, and tutoring are given priority for classroom space. Other activities can be bumped to accommodate academic activities.
  • Classroom reservations will end at either 20 minutes after the hour or 50 minutes after the hour to allow a minimum of 10 minutes transition time between classes/events.
  • Be as accurate as possible when scheduling events. A huge amount of staff time is spent rescheduling. Scheduling events when dates/time/configurations are still unknown is very costly to the College.
  • Units sponsoring events with outside companies should not do more than one per year with each company, with the exception of interviews and information sessions . The Unit is responsible for attending the entire event and coordinating all event logistics. All advertisements must clearly indicate the event is a College of Business departmental event.
  • Although campus has a no food or drink policy in the classrooms, the Dean has created an exception as long as the hosting department cleans up immediately following the event. All surfaces must be cleaned and trash removed to the outdoor dumpster. PLEASE NOTE: The Deloitte Auditorium does not receive an exception as food or drink are not permitted in the auditorium.
  • Units need to set up and cleanup for any event they schedule. The BSW will assist in the event areas such as the atrium, Deloitte Auditorium, and 370 Wohlers, if available, but the top priority is checking classrooms to be sure they are ready for classes. Units should avoid planning events that create undo mess, such as taffy apples, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, making smoothies, etc. Due to campus cut backs, the building is not cleaned every night and this type of food draws bugs and makes the space unsightly. Any damages or cleanup costs due to an event will be charged to the unit.
  • Units must abide by all capacity numbers for all College of Business space in BIF and Wohlers. These capacity numbers are set by the Fire Marshall and cannot be exceeded. Event s will need to have an enrollment/RSVP cap and be followed (check with the reservation office for questions on the capacity of the space being used).
  • Furniture is not allowed on the terrazzo around the perimeter of the atrium or in the hallways of BIF and Wohlers. This space must be kept clear to be used as escape routes in case of an emergency. Also, exit doors are not to be blocked at any time.
  • Units may arrange furniture as needed for activities taking place in flat classrooms. However, all furniture must remain in the classroom it belongs and be returned to the standard classroom arrangement after use. (Check with the reservation office for questions on the normal classroom arrangement for the room being used.) Units are to setup and reset the furniture within the reservation time booked for the Unit. The BSW is not available for setup or reset in the classroom.
  • Outside organizations are not allowed to reserve or use space in BIF . College units are allowed to reserve and use the space and have them as guest. The unit is responsible for the space and faculty or staff must attend all events they schedule and remain at the event until it has concluded, including all cleanup.
  • Signage is permitted on the Virtual Bulletin Boards (VBB) in BIF and the bulletin board on the first floor, south staircase in Wohlers Hall. All other locations within the buildings are not permitted including, but not limited to, flyers placed on flat surfaces. For advertising College events on the VBBs, please refer to the following website - .
  • Balloons – Helium filled balloons are not permitted in the BIF atrium due to the damage and/or interference they can cause to the fire detection and HVAC systems.
  • Electricity is not available in the BIF courtyard and has limited availability in the atrium.
  • If events require more space, include messy foods, need electricity, or include large displays, the unit should consider reserving the Sixth Street Lawn (the large grassy area south of BIF near the Krannert Art Museum), which is reserved through campus FMS . This may require rental of a tent in case of rain.
  • Departmental events hosted for Undergraduate students (primary audience) may not include alcohol.
  • RSOs (Registered Student Organization) are allowed to book classroom spaces in BIF or Wohlers Hall by following the University reservations procedures (this excludes the Deloitte Auditorium and atrium spaces). Units are NOT permitted to book space on behalf of a RSO .
  • The reservation staff do not have authority to change or grant exceptions to the policies set by College and University Administration.