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Sep 11, 2023 2023-09 Business Administration Student

FINDMBA: Preparing for an online MBA program

Online MBA programs have made pursuing an MBA more accessible than ever. As technology shapes our work and interactions, many professionals are turning to these programs for the skills to thrive in business. However, online learning brings unique challenges and conveniences, demanding discipline, time management, and adaptability. To excel in the virtual classroom, whether you're considering enrollment or already on the journey, you must set clear goals, develop effective study habits, and fully engage with a diverse network of peers.

“Learners in our iMBA are very engaged,” Marcus Phillips, associate director of recruiting and admissions for online programs at Gies College of Business, told FIND MBA. “They typically will connect with each other in-person through various meetups in the US and internationally. We hold our annual professional development conference called iConverge, which allows our learners to converge on campus for three days to connect with their peers, faculty and staff. Although this is optional, we had over 500 learners attend in 2022.”

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