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Feb 24, 2016 2016-02 Business Administration Student

MakerLab Develops Online 3-D Printing Courses with Coursera and Ultimaker

MakerLab Ultimaker 2The College of Business MakerLab has partnered with Coursera and Ultimaker, a 3-D printer manufacturer, to offer a series of online 3-D printing courses. The new series will consist of courses that provide an overview of 3-D printing, its applications in business and its software, in-depth exploration of their operation, and a hands-on capstone experience. Together, the courses can be stacked into an online specialization in 3-D printing from Coursera. Siert Wijnia, CTO and founder of Ultimaker, states that “Ultimaker’s vision is to make 3-D printing accessible to all and has been reflected in our open-source printers and community-inspired collaborations. With Coursera and the Illinois MakerLab, we are helping to optimize 3-D printing courses that are available to everyone interested in digital making with our hands-on knowledge of 3-D printing.” In addition to collaboration on this new educational program, Ultimaker has equipped the MakerLab with 17 new Ultimaker 3-D printers. The MakerLab is offering "Free Print Wednesdays" sponsored by Ultimaker in recognition of the partnership. The free printing opportunities will facilitate students' introduction to 3-D printing. MakerLab Ultimaker 1“The University of Illinois and the Illinois MakerLab are delighted to be partnering with Ultimaker on this innovative new online program on 3-D printing,” says Aric Rindfleisch, Executive Director of the Illinois MakerLab. “Ultimaker is one of the world’s leading providers of desktop 3-D printers. Thus, our learners will have the privilege of learning from not only leading academics but also leading practitioners in the 3-D printing space.” To learn more about the MakerLab, please visit