Business Research Lab

Gies Business Research Lab

This college-wide experimental lab will provide researchers with access to dedicated lab space in Wohlers Hall, research study implementation support, and streamlined scheduling. BRL will also focus on expanding current participant pools to include alumni, online programs, and community members in order to provide researchers a unique opportunity to develop research panels from a variety of recruitment sources. Email the Business Research Lab

Jessen HobsonSharon ShavittJen Themanson
Professor of AccountancyWalter H. Stellner Professor of Marketing 



"The Gies Business Research Panel is set up to help you create new business knowledge, increase the prestige of the college and elevate your students' educational experience."

- Jessen Hobson

Participant Pools

Do you need participants for your research study? BRL provides Gies College of Business faculty with access to robust participant pools.

Student Subject Pools: If you would like to run a study with undergraduate student participants, please use the following contact emails for more information or to answer any questions you may have:

Participant and research study recruitment and management is handled through our Sona management system at the links below:

If you are interested in running a research study specifically targeting iMBA, iMSA, or other online professional students, please contact Jen Themanson at

Gies Business Research Panel: Launched in July 2020, the Gies Business Research Panel is a growing pool of alumni, professional, and community participants. Gies researchers interested in running studies through this dedicated pool should contact Jen Themanson at

More information on the Panel, including the Sona management system link, is found on the Research at Gies page.

Workshops and Training

Business Research Lab staff offer workshop and training opportunities to help strengthen and expand the research efforts of all faculty and students, whether they are new or experienced in business research. A set of basic training opportunities has been prepared by the staff and can be accessed online at any time, and advanced or customized training can be tailored to your research needs.

Workshop and training topics include:

Facilities and Resources

Please note: Due to COVID research restrictions, Fall 2020 research will be conducted online. Use of the labs are restricted at this time.

See Lab policies and procedures

Click on the lab calendar links below to see lab availability. If you need assistance scheduling or have questions about running a research study in one of the labs, please contact Jen Themanson at

24 Wohlers1

Wohlers Hall, Room 24

Wohlers Hall, Room 36

  • Sound insulated retractable wall
  • Privacy panels
  • Flexible research space
  • 26 desktops on side “A”
  • 26 desktops on side “B”
  • 52 total with wall opened
  • Check availability or schedule

Wohlers Hall Behavioral Lab

Additional Resources

Field Study Support

The Research Lab team is ready to help you overcome the challenges of field research, assisting you in finding the starting points, connections, and scheduling answers that you'll need to be successful. They can help with any of the areas listed and with study execution as needed.

  • Recruitment assistance
  • Identifying subject pools for campus and community recruitment
  • Site planning
  • Identifying study sites
  • Securing location approval
  • Liaison between study and site location
  • Scheduling and coordinating study times
  • Researcher/student team training
  • Ethical considerations in field site work
  • Working with community partners
  • Additional study execution assistance as needed