Gies Business Merchandise Catalog

Merchandise Policy
Gies Merchandise Selection

Taking into consideration the various needs of individual units, the Office of Marketing and Communications will compile and maintain a list of Gies College of Business branded merchandise. All items will be branded with the College wordmark and will be available for purchase by units for gifts, events, etc. We are all stewards of the Gies brand, and we look forward to working with you and your units to make it the strongest brand possible.

Turnaround Time

Merchandise requests require five weeks of lead time for quality development and production. The MarCom office is not equipped to maintain inventory of all merchandise items.

Departmental Orders

Units may place orders for any item within the MarCom catalog, which includes promotional items as well as wearable merchandise. While units are not permitted to order items outside of those available in the current catalog, units are welcome to suggest new items for the next cycle that MarCom can explore.

MarCom can accept CFOP payment for items purchased on behalf of the unit. Select items are available in the Welcome Center for individuals wishing to purchase items for personal use. The Welcome Center accepts credit/debit card payment for items that are in stock. For ordering wearable items not in stock, individuals will be directed to Campus Ink.

Personal Orders

Select items are available in the Welcome Center for individuals wishing to purchase items for personal use. The Welcome Center accepts credit/debit card payment for items that are in stock. To order wearable items not in stock, individuals are encouraged to visit the Campus Ink website.

Catalog Prices

The merchandise catalog includes price estimates for bulk orders placed by units. Actual price will vary depending on the quantity purchased, shipping needs, etc.

Degree Program or Event Merchandise

Our marketing strategy emphasizes Gies Business as our core brand, not individual programs or units. United as Gies Business, our brand is stronger and more recognized. Thus, all merchandise must be branded at the College level (i.e., include the Gies wordmark). There may be rare occasions where having the name of the degree may be valuable in promoting the overall Gies brand. For such occasions, a special request can be made to the MarCom office for such merchandise.

We believe these types of special requests should be minimal, and the request should include:

  • An explanation of the need for the additional imprint
  • A description of how the item would be used
  • An indication that the special item could be used more than once. For example, an iMBA t-shirt for a student welcome packet can be used over the course of several years.

Cross-disciplinary programs that serve students outside of Gies Business are allowed to include the program name on apparel and select merchandise items. However, the Gies wordmark must always be present and must work with MarCom to ensure proper use and placement.


All merchandise sales are final except in the instance of a quality issue. Once items are purchased, they are the unit’s responsibility to distribute appropriately. MarCom is not able to refund unused items.

MarCom is in the process of updating all branded items with the new Gies wordmark. Some items may/may not reflect the wordmark shown in the catalog. Contact your MarCom team lead with any questions.



Socks, Dress Knit
Item #: MCM147
Navy, one size fits most

Baseball Hat
Item #: MCM225 (Unisex)


Stocking Cap
Item #: MCM145

Color Block 1/4 Zip Pullover
Item #: MCM146

Sweatshirt, Crew Neck
Item #: MCM240 (Unisex)

Item #: MCM227

Champion 1/4 Zip
Item #: MCM228

Champion Crew
Item #: MCM227

Striped Gies T-Shirt
Item #: MCM160

Limited quantities available

Gies Business T-Shirt
Item #: MCM250a

Gies Business T-Shirt
Item #: MCM250b

Illinois Gies T-Shirt
Item #: MCM251a

Illinois Gies T-Shirt
Item #: MCM251b

Ringer T-Shirt
Item #: MCM253

Promotional Items

Canvas Tote

Item #: MCM207

Canvas Tote Backpack (one strap)

Item #: MCM219
Limited stock, 3 week turn-time

Navy Drawstring Tote
Item #: MSM108

Clear Drawstring Tote
Item #: MCM203

Shopper Tote
Item #: MCM 220

Fanny Pack
Item #: MCM205



Coasters, Set of 2

Item #: MCM107
1 Orange and 1 Navy

Camper Mug, insulated
Item #: MCM206

Item #: MCM126

16 oz Tervis Tumbler
Item #: MCM156

Mug, Travel (Contigo)
Item #: MCM157

Limited stock, 3 week turn-time

Water Bottle, Camelbak
Item #: MCM158

Water Bottle, Nayad
Item #: MCM200

Water Bottle, Thor
Item #: MCM166
Orange or Navy

Travel Mug, 40oz
Item #: MCM260

Gies Wordmark Sticker
Item #: MCM253
2.22" x 3"


Gies Wordmark Bumper Sticker
Item #: MCM201 

2.5" × 3.38"

Gies Wordmark Magnet
tem #: MCM111
2.22" x 3"

Keyboard Stickers, Laptop Sticker Sheet

Item #: MCM159


Folder, Globe (Navy)
Item #: MCM110

Limited quantities available


Folder, Gies
Item #: MCM109
Orange or Navy

Limited quantities available


Notebook, Spiral
Item #: MCM129
8.5" x 5.5", Orange

Notebook, leatherette
Item #: MCM212
5.25" W X 8.375" H, Navy

Notebook, leatherette
Item #: MCM213
5.25" W X 8.375" H, Orange

Moleskine Notebook
Item #: MCM214
8.5" x 5.5", Navy

Item #: MCM130
12" x 9", Navy


Post-It Note Pad
Item #: MCM139


Post-It Note Pad
Item #: MCM140
With Lines

Rubberized Pen, Orange
Item #: MCM210

Rubberized Pen, Navy
Item #: MCM224

Pen, sleek
Item #: MCM211


Key Chain, Slider
Item #: MCM113

Item #: MCM115 (Navy)
Item #: MCM116 (Orange)
Orange $1.97
Navy $2.04

Bluetooth Speaker
Item #: MCM 223

Zipper Pull
Item #: MCM208

Faux Sherpa Lined Blanket
Item #: MCM101
50” x 60”

Limited stock, 3 week turn-time

Phone Wallet Sticker, leatherette
Item #: MCM215

Umbrella, navy
Item #: MCM 209

QR Code leads the user to download an app that will remind them when to bring their Gies umbrella to campus!


Lapel Pin, Block I
Item #: MCM117


Lapel Pin, Gies
Item #: MCM118

Luggage Tag, Embroidered
Item #: MCM120




Pennant, Small
Item #: MCM135

Retiring Merch Items

Limited stock items. Once these items are depleted from inventory, they will not be reordered.

Crossbody Padfolio

Item #: MCM103


Keyboard Sticker, Gies "G"
Item #: MCM111


Scarf, Infinity
Item #: MCM142


Item #: MCM131

Promotional Items - Borrow/Purchase


Alma Cut-Out
Item #: MCB100
6' x 3'


Item #: MCB101
8.5' x 3.5'


Banners, Large Retractable
Item #: MCB102 (Orange)
Item #: MCB103 (Navy)
6' x 2.5'
$124 each


Photo Booth Props
Item #: MCB108
$12 each

Table Cover
Item #: MCB109 (Orange)
Fits 6' table

Table Cover
Item #: MCB110 (Blue)
Fits 6' table

Stretch Table Cover
Item #: MCB200 (Navy)
Item #: MCB201 (Orange)
Fits 6' table