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Jul 20, 2018 2018-07 Accountancy Alumni

Illinois Alumni shines a light on Larry Gies’ achievements and what remains ahead

After Larry Gies pledged $150 million in October of last year and our college was renamed Gies College of Business, people began to learn more about the motivations that drive this man both professionally and personally. Illinois Alumni recently presented more of these details in a story that outlines his personal dedication to bettering educational efforts and his professional purpose to “making the world safer, healthier, and more productive.”

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In the realm of education, Gies seeks to make a difference in multiple ways. First, he supports the Chicago Jesuit Academy, “an all-scholarship school for African American youth from Chicago’s West Side.” His commitment there led to a campus named after him. Here at the College, his generous support will address three specific needs: increased accessibility through scholarship support, the enrichment of forward-thinking programs, and funding for faculty positions and research.

Gies’ dedication comes through his belief that education is a “differentiator.” Through it, he believes everyone can strive to “attain a higher standard of living, be more tolerant, work more closely together, create more opportunities for those in need, and make the Earth more sustainable.” Many of these qualities are reflected through his own company, Madison Industries, which this article follows from its founding through the honing of its mission. Under the influence of Gies’ aforementioned mantra, this company seeks “hold forever” partnerships. That means Madison Industries doesn’t sell off companies it purchases. Rather, a bond based off trust and respect leads to harmonious growth over a long-term partnership.

Gies makes it clear in the article that he and the others from Madison Industries are proud to work with the likes of Task Force Tips from northwest Indiana or Filtration Group based in Oak Brook, Ill. Between these two entities, work goes toward the advancement of surgical tool, inhalers, air quality, clean water, and the list goes on-and-on. Gies has worked toward making his purpose become an actuality. He based that purpose off many, in large part, lessons learned at the College. The accountancy graduate believes “the best school in the nation was—and is—in Urbana-Champaign.” His gift to the College will now help Dean Jeffrey Brown build “the nation’s most innovative business school.”  

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