Teaching and Learning

Gies Teaching and Learning is dedicated to enhancing the pedagogical expertise of Gies College of Business faculty to create high-quality, transformational learning experiences for our students. We serve all Gies faculty by providing expertise, advice, and support in instructional design, learning technologies, and best practices for teaching and learning.

Our Purpose

We foster curriculum change and innovation. We have expertise in designing and delivering learning content, activities, and assessments. We promote innovative teaching methods based on established learning theories. We support the implementation of cutting-edge learning technologies. Starting with learning outcomes, we design, build, and deliver educational offerings committed to continuous improvement.

We enable access to affordable exceptional learning experiences. We define quality standards, measure outcomes, and support robust and authentic assessment. We leverage experience and insights from data to improve quality through attention to learner and instructor needs. We empower engagement in meaningful lifelong learning.

We are agile, effective, and efficient in all that we do. We consider all workflows, tasks, and procedures with an eye toward documentation, standardization, and continuous improvement. We strategically align processes and policies to the purpose, commitments, and beliefs of the College. Through excellence in operations, we make affordable, high-quality education possible.

We are passionate about meaningful work. We strive for an inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives. We value meaningful connections at work. We celebrate our strengths and aim to recognize staff for their accomplishments. Our culture depends on trust. We foster trust through empathy, openness, commitment, accountability, and results.

Our Services

Course Design and Development

We offer course design and development support and resources to help advance your teaching practice, increase student engagement, and help your students meet desired learning outcomes. We design and develop fully online courses and MOOCs in our iDegree programs (iMBA, iMSA, and iMSM), the online Business Minor, and Educational Pathways.

Media Production for Online Courses

The Digital Media Team creates and produces highly engaging media content for iDegree MOOCs. This includes recording and editing, assisting with storyboarding, and creating custom graphics and animations.

Technology Support for Online Live Sessions

Live sessions are delivered from our state-of-the-art broadcast quality studios. They are supported by a Technical Director responsible for livestreaming the show and a Live Session Facilitator responsible for managing the Zoom breakout rooms, polls, and screen sharing.

Additional Services for iDegree courses

For our fully online iDegree programs our Digital Media team produces high quality and engaging media for asynchronous use, our Course Managers support instructors during the delivery phase of the course, our Live Studio Production team ensures that live sessions from our state-of-the-art broadcast studios run smoothly, and our Accessibility and Quality Assurance team creates accessible course materials.

Faculty Development

We provide faculty professional development opportunities aimed at supporting and promoting effective teaching and learning. Our pedagogical expertise will help you provide high quality transformational learning experiences, regardless of your course format and delivery mode.

Pedagogy and Instructional Design Support

Our expertise in pedagogical support and instructional design helps Gies instructors provide high-quality transformational learning experiences, regardless of course format and delivery mode.

Technology and Media Integration

Our team can help you identify learning technologies and media content that meet your instructional needs. Innovative learning technologies and the deployment of media can transform your students’ learning experiences.

Engage with Us

You can engage with our team in a variety of ways.