Data Collection & Reporting

dataqueriesOur team can create data collection tools and on-demand reporting that integrate multiple data sources to give you the data you need, when you need it, in a format you can use.

We are in the process of launching our Gies Data Dashboards product in Microsoft Power BI. If you have a need for data reports or dashboards, please complete our request form.


Data Collection & Reporting FAQ
You set up a data query for me. Where do I find it?

Regular IT Partners custom data queries can be accessed via our Decision Support Queries site. Data dashboards can be accessed via Microsoft Power BI.

How do I request a new data query?

You can request a new data query or dashboard via our request form.

Are there any restrictions on data requests?

IT Partners follows all federal, state, and university policies regarding data security and access. If you are requesting access to sensitive data, we will confirm that you are properly certified to access such data.

For access to student data, all data recipients must complete university FERPA training and be in a position that requires access to such data to perform your job duties.

How can I use university data?
Please note that college and university operational data is meant for internal college use only and should not be distributed externally without consultation with the Office of Marketing and Communications. These measures are needed to protect our data from unapproved modifications and disclosures. To make informed decisions about how to use, interpret and share college data, please contact Priyanka Bhargava at