Office of Corporate Partnerships

Strong partnerships with organizations and individuals have a great impact on our students’ learning experience – and on the College, our partners, and the future of business. The Office of Corporate Partnerships is dedicated to creating and deepening those connections. This office works closely with the advancement team to build strong, impactful relationships that provide more opportunities for engagement and strategic collaboration.

Partnerships may include any of the following:

  • recruiting and building a talent pipeline 
  • sponsoring student projects
  • upskilling and lifelong learning
  • collaborating on research or with faculty
  • speaking to classes
  • collaborating through Blueprint

The corporate partnerships team also pursues strategic partnerships with hiring organizations and markets talent for a company’s hiring needs. The team hosts on-campus business career fairs in the fall and spring as well as numerous employer showcases throughout the academic year.

Contact the Office of Corporate Partnerships to collaborate on developing new partnerships or strengthening those that already exist.

Corporate Partnerships Team